Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a profound and highly effective technique for clearing stagnant energy in buildings. Once negativity is in the home or office, it can get trapped and start to build up. The physical results of this negative energy can manifest in different ways such as accumulation of clutter; arguments and violence, things stopping to work or easily getting broken, intruders coming in (burglars or bug infestations), etc…

By clearing out the energy of what has happened in a place (either your own energy built-up or that of people who have occupied the space before you) and then consecrating the space to the specific frequencies of what you want to experience in your life, remarkable changes can occur. Revitalising a space will help improve health, finances and relationships for its inhabitants.

Remote Space Clearing

Remote space clearings are completed using dowsing and meditative techniques.

The clearing takes about 60 minutes during which you are welcome to go through your property smudging, meditate or go about with your day. After the clearing we will meet on Zoom for a 30 minute consultation where we will be sharing our experiences.