Ground-Up Feng Shui

From a naked land to a home ready to move in.

Are you a builder, architect, interior designer or individual looking to build your home based on the Classical Feng Shui principles? Then, this service is for you.

I will be accompanying each step of the process – from prior the construction starts to after the construction ends – in order to find the best energetic combinations (structure, directions and time) for the future owners.

This work is done in full collaboration with the whole team of architects, builders and, if applies, designers. We focus on finding solutions to any concern and answer any realistic wishes. 

Outline :

Client’s intention : Collaboration to get a clear visual on the client’s intention for their home and what they want to experience (structure, land, placement, views, neighbourhood and homy feelings).

Form Feng Shui : 

  • Observation of the land
  • Lot shape
  • Analysis of the surroundings

Building a supportive and energetically balanced house : 

  • Personal Trigram of the clients
  • Calculating and mapping out the exact degrees the house needs to face to be energetically aligned with the owners’ energy
  • Finding out the best Flying Star combinations possible
  • Intentional work as the house is being built

Floor Plans : 

  • House shape
  • General Feng Shui layout rules
  • Best layout and room distribution suggestions (based on the house combinations)
  • Yin/Yang balance
  • Front door suggestions (placement, colours and material)

Interior :

  • First year of remedies included
  • Collaboration with the interior design team (if applies) to incorporate the remedies into the design
  • Intentional Feng Shui
  • Preview of EMF areas

Landscaping : 

  • Intentional Feng Shui
  • Garden recommendations

Disclaimer: All information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence. I serve as a reference and guide for Feng Shui and my services and consultations are not intended to replace the care of a licensed medical provider. Please, keep in mind that individual results may vary depending on your interest and participation. No results are guaranteed.