Feng Shui Home Assessment For Buyers

Are you looking at buying a property but aren’t sure which one would best suit your needs ?

Do you tend to recreate the same patterns in your life and are looking to shift those by finding a Home that will align with your dream reality ?

Have you already visited some properties and are hesitating on which one to buy ?

Then the Buyer’s Feng Shui Home Assessment package is for you !

Visiting properties with the intention to buy can be overwhelming and energetically draining. The Buyer’s Feng Shui Home Assessment package supports you in choosing the right Home for you and your family with ease, clarity, flow and peace of mind.

You will receive a checklist to help you connect to the property and pay attention to details you might not think of. I will be supporting you on that journey and looking at up to three properties of your choice based on your needs and desires. During this consultation, I will share with you the energetic blueprint of each building, how they each would interact with your energy and my recommendation as a Classical Feng Shui consultant. 


We spend most of our time at home and experience the most beautiful and important events of our lives there, from big once-in-a-lifetime celebrations to daily family bonding time. We consistently interact with our home and it is crucial to create a strong connection to it from the moment we buy it in order to have a healthy relationship with it. 


You and your family are a step away from finding your dream home.

Welcome to your new Home !

The Assessment Includes:

A checklist for the family to fill up as they visit the property

Feng Shui overview of the location and surroundings of the property

Kua number analysis of each family member (energy number)

Energy of the property and how it supports for the family (or not)

Floor plan analysis and layout possibilities

Energetic blueprint of the property

My recommendations as a Classical Feng Shui Consultant

And more…

All of this wrapped up into a clear and straight-to-the-point 1-1 Zoom Consultation of up to 2 hours.

Bonus: When you choose to hire me for this service, you will receive a 15% discount on my 3-months One-to-One Transforming Your House Into Your Home program. With this program we focus on your house and how you can set it up for success and happiness from the moment you move in.