Feng Shui Consulting

Transforming Your House Into Your Home

A 3-month program for true transformation

Transforming your house into your Home means surrounding yourself with love, comfort and beauty so you can live a fulfilling life with purpose and gratitude. I bring you Classical Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, as a tool to understand your house in a deeper way. You will discover the energetic health of your house, how it impacts you and what you can do to remedy any harming energies.

But it’s not just about your Home. Feng Shui applies to both the inhabitants and the house which allow us to bring awareness and harmony between both. A deeper understanding of your space will strengthen your connection to it. That connection will nourish you and can help you to sleep better, feel more energised, call in a partner, become more successful in your career… When your environment supports you, you start manifesting in all areas of life. 

As Dr Wayne Dyer said “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

So let’s take a peek at your home… Shall we?

The Process :

1 – Preparation : Before the consultation, I will ask you to fill up a questionnaire about your house, your family and your vision for the place. Take your time to fill up the form. All the information you choose to share with me is strictly confidential and the more details I get, the better I will be able to guide you. Along with the completed questionnaire, I will require a couple of documents like a floor plan. You can download the documents here:

2 – First Consultation : We will have a first chat and set up clear goals based on the completed questionnaire and any information you would like to add (1h). Consultations will happen on Zoom.

3 – Full Analysis : Once I received all your information and a clear intention for our work together has been set, I will go ahead with a full analysis of your place. I will bring all of the information in a clear and concise written report for you to read at your own pace. Please count a few days to three weeks in order to receive your custom report.

4 – Second Consultation : Once you have read through your personalised report, it’s time to dive deeper in our second consultation. I will be guiding you and answering all your questions so that you can start implementing my recommendations (2h).

5 – Third Consultation : At the end of these three months, we will meet again and assess your situation, redirect your intention if necessary and celebrate any positive changes.

The Depth :

I practice Classical Feng Shui which means that I will be looking at different aspects of your house, the land where it was built, its surroundings as well as each person inhabiting the space. Here you can read more about the different aspects that will be taken into consideration in your Feng Shui analysis and consultations :

Your personal trigram or Kua number : The eight trigrams are the basis for a Feng Shui analysis. They are used with a bagua map representing the eight directional areas of a home (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest). A trigram is the representation of one of these eight directions. We all have a personal trigram number which is calculated based on our date of birth and gender. This informs us on our personal best directions, colours and how to set up our home in a way that best support our energy.

Form Feng Shui : Form Feng Shui is the study of the land on which the building was built as well as its surroundings. We look at where the mountain and the water elements are and how the Chi flows. This study informs us of the support the house gets from the land.

The element of your home : As for us, our house has its own energy. Calculated based on its precise sitting and facing directions, we will look at how your energy aligns with your home’s and what the best colours for its structure and front door are.

Interior analysis : A room-by-room bullet-point list of the most important changes to make in your current living situation. A lot of this will be discussed during the visit and this section is a reminder and a step-by-step guide to implement my recommendations – feel free to check them out once it’s done. On top of this, you will get general, easy to apply – yet powerful – Feng Shui indoor tips.

Flying Stars and remedies : This is the most complexe part of the analysis you will receive from me. Based on the compass direction, the structure of the building and the time it was built, we can calculate its permanent energies. This will inform us on if your house is supportive for relationships and/or prosperity (which flow or blocks you are already experiencing in your life without being able to understand it). I will then add the energies of the current year and see how they interact with the permanent energies of the house. I will explain any remedies needed for each area of your house on a comprehensible and clear floor plan to make it easy for you to implement.

Intentional Feng Shui : In Intentional Feng Shui, each sector of your home represents an aspect of your life. The layout, decoration, colours and other elements present in the space can reinforce or hinder the qualities associated with each of these areas. For each sector, you will find some tips on what crystals, essential oils, spiritual statue, affirmations and general enhancements you can bring in.

Landscape analysis : This is an optional analysis and only apply to houses with a garden or a yard. You will receive a copy of the plot divided into the nine intentional sections as well as recommendations on how to transform your plot in a beautiful Feng Shui garden.

What's Next ?

Feng Shui Coaching : If you wish to go deeper with continued guidance, we will create a package just for you and your needs. This is where we address a particular wish/issue/area of your life (ex: calling in the one, abundance and prosperity, fertility…) as well as create a Feng Shui vision board, targeted affirmations, and other ways to bring Feng Shui not only to your home but to your whole life.

Your annual report : This service is for existing clients only. You will receive your annual report including the Flying Stars analysis and remedies for the year ahead. The best time to change the remedies and create new salt water cures is in the week preceding the Feng Shui New Year on February 4th. Please order yours by November the previous year in order to get your report on time.

Disclaimer: All information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence. I serve as a reference and guide for Feng Shui and my services and consultations are not intended to replace the care of a licensed medical provider. Please, keep in mind that individual results may vary depending on your interest and participation. No results are guaranteed.