Ignite your Adventurous Spirit

Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit: Inspiring travel stories by individuals whose lives have been deeply transformed.

Written by JB Owen, Yoram Baltinester, Faraaz Ãlì, Charlie Ropsy and 32 other amazing authors.

In the pages of this book, you will meet 35 individuals whose unique adventures went further than the token tourist trap or destinations highlighted on a map. These are the Adventurous Spirits that took venturing to a whole new level. 

Their quests come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them climbed to the top of a mountain while others swam with the sharks, yet all of them took a detour from the charted path to discover and uncover something more. They wanted a deeper meaning, more clarity and find a part of themselves that felt lost. Journeying outward became a portal inward to a magical, personal land. Just like Aladdin discovering the Cave of Wonders, home to the most extraordinary treasures, they unearthed the priceless gifts of peace, realizations and the greatest of all — finding one’s Self. 

The richest experience is exploring and discovering who you are. Adventure catapults your thinking, awakens your spirit, tantalizes your senses and frees your soul. Every word in this book was crafted with that idea…IGNITING you to discover exactly who you want to be.

“Dare to explore yourself until you become the unknown and the unknown becomes Home.” – Charlie Ropsy