Meet Charlie,

Your Feng Shui Consultant

Hi, I’m Charlie! I have travelled the world, experiencing life through many landscapes, people, cultures and parts of myself.

I have learned about my sensitivity towards my surroundings and my story developed into a strong vision to create environmental harmony. I believe that our environment has a huge impact on our mood and overall wellbeing and that the more people harmonise their space, the happier the world will be.

I am passionate about transforming houses into serene and peaceful homes. I am based in Jávea, Spain. I offer on-site and remote services, in English and in French. Wherever you are located, I’m looking forward to guiding you as you connect deeper with your home.

Welcome Home!

“ When the energy around you is in harmony with you, guess what it does?

It enhances your energy. It empowers you.”


– Bruce Lipton –


Creating Homes Around The World

I believe the more people harmonise their space, the happier the world will be. My vision is to create Environmental Harmony, transforming houses into Homes all around the world by applying the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui.

What Clients Have To Say

I now see how profound the relationship with our home can be. From the initial report alone, Charlie opened up my eyes to so many positive changes and possibilities. Her understanding of Feng Shui is truly remarkable, and her consulting methods enjoyable. She's extraordinary!

Yanik Ethier
Montréal, Canada

During August 2020 I had a Feng Shui consultancy with Charlie Ropsy, I'm writing this review to share how was my experience and the results I perceived I got from it.

It took 3 months for my to write this, I had the intention of unifying my family, I felt we were living almost 24/7 and had mostly vague conversations or just living the day. Personally I was looking for harmony with my inner conflicts and doubts, such where to focus my energy, what business to create and which to leave aside, and even doubts about my relationship life.

I made sure I implemented the "must-does" from all the recomendatations she gave me in the Feng Shui Report, I did that to 80-85%, and I made sure I have put an strong intention and kept it in mind. Now it is 25 november and things have radically changed, here you can see for yourself

Family wise:

1- We talk, I mean, we can have conversations about our current plans and future dreams, we can even discuss without violent about things we used to fight before, very strongly.

2- Each of the family members have a new and exciting things happening, my father got the nicest car he has had, my mother and my little brother became business partners and very promising endevour, I have had constant flow of clients, a new phone, and more in the next

"1- I bought a new flat! I mean that I never thought of but there we go, i did it with the money of the clients I kept on having month after month

2- I became an investor in the Stock Market, I began doing it and I'm making my first earning from that.

3- I'm re-starting my company, i have quit it 1 year ago and now out of nowhere a new guy showed up telling us (me and my former business partner) that he have felt the spiritual connection to talk to us and help make our company alive again. (The story is really crazy and magical).

Ibagué, Columbia

"Charlie a fait l'étude Feng Shui de ma maison. Le Feng Shui étudie les énergies de notre maison. Cette analyse permet de mieux les harmoniser avec parfois de simples aménagements.

C'est ce qui est arrivé chez moi : mon regard a changé avec plus de plaisir à rester dans certaines pièces, à profiter de coins oubliés et à développer ma créativité. La maison est plus vivante, je suis plus en contact avec elle je me sens mieux. mon mari a aussi changé. Le Feng Shui nous accompagne pour une meilleure vie familiale sociale professionnelle et pour un bien être à tous les niveaux.

Charlie nous accompagne à travers le Feng Shui avec son rapport détaillé et en même temps clair et concis. Lors de la consultation suite à la lecture du rapport, Charlie nous donne toutes les explications dont nous avons besoin pour comprendre et BIEN mettre en pratique le Feng Shui chez nous, elle s'assure que tout est clair pour nous.

Charlie est sérieuse, méticuleuse, volontaire, et son parcours de quatre années à travers le monde à la rencontre d'autres cultures lui a ouvert sa vision de la vie , son rapport à l'autre : un atout pour nous sentir unique dans notre relation avec elle.

Le Feng Shui ok Charlie ok Le Feng Shui et Charlie je vous les conseille!"

Fayence, France